Bafumahadi GK (PTY) Ltd offers alternative energy solutions, energy management services and products through consulting and project development to both public and private sector. We also specialise in efficient energy solutions, building and operating energy projects.

Bafumahadi is a 100% black female owned energy management company and a level1 BBBEE contributor. And is steadily growing as an emerging professional service provider. 

Providing energy solutions to meet the world and our stakeholders’ ever changing needs.

To be a leading energy company that provides efficient, reliable and sustainable energy solutions, for customer satisfaction.

• Customer satisfaction— We are dedicated to providing excellent service and solutions to our customers, both anticipating and responding to their needs.

• Results orientated—Providing real value with measurable results.

• Greatness – Continually improving our organisational effectiveness through innovative solutions.

• Stability and Focus— We aspire to sustain stability andfocus in pursuit of business solutions for our customers.

Our Energy Efficiency - Renewable energy

Bafumahadi focuses on large-scale implementation of renewable energy, energy efficiency and climate change technologies. Two key issues that today South Africa and the world face - global warming and the important shift of energy supply towards renewable non-polluting sources. The private sector and the Government want to reduce their non sustainable climate and energy footprint through innovative solutions. Bafumahadi wants to contribute pro actively and constructively to the resolution of key issues on the supply of clean energy.



Our energy management approach and framework is designed according to 

SANS 50001:2011/ISO 50001, South African and International standards 

that provide a framework for any organisation in all sectors 

(commercial, manufacturing, industrial or public), regardless of size to

 manage energy more efficiently. 

Energy Management

Energy modelling 

Energy data analysis

EnM systems design and implementation

Monitoring and evaluation

Energy Auditing

Measurement & Verification

Technical Audit 

Environmental impact assessment

Renewable Energy

Energy system modelling

Energy system design, 

Performance evaluation

Project Management
Research and Feasibility Study

What we do?

Through proven methodologies, business expertise, and a commitment to sustainability principles, we deliver a host of services to assist both public and private business clients to effectively understand and manage their energy and water usage. 

Energy/Water Monitoring & Reporting

- Facility energy audit

- Intergrade different and related energy/water efficient solutions tailored to the clients’ needs and its operational requirements. 

- Remote monitoring of client priority production infrastructure. 

- Carbon (GHG) impact monitoring and reporting

Mining Systems Optimization

- Pumping optimization 

- Ventilation optimization 

- Compressed air optimization 

- Heating/cooling optimization 

- Efficient energy management and carbon emission calculations.

Energy/Water Management Consultation

- Conduct feasibility studies for economic and technical advantage of specific technology on energy and water.

- Mitigation of load shedding impact on the client operations through our wide offering of alternative and cost-effective supply solutions.

- Energy saving and renewable energy projects financing through shared saving initiatives, PPA or governmental rebate programs e.g. Eskom IDM funding, 12 L, carbon tax rebate etc . 

- Provide advisory services for building energy performance certificate application according to SANS 1544

Energy Saving Interventions

- Develop comprehensive strategies for implementation of renewable energy and energy efficiency measures. 

- Propose alternative and automated operating process for an optimised and cost savings on energy  and water use

OUr Projects

UMhlathuze municipality (Richards Bay):

Baseline development and feasibility study for public lighting upgrade, wastewater treatment plants energy optimisation and reporting of environmental impact associated with the initiative including carbon and other particulate emission to the DoE.

ILembe municipality

Baseline development of the municipality electrical consumption in wastewater treatment plants, water treatment plants and office buildings

Feasibility study for energy optimisation and associated environmental impact in wastewater treatment plants, water treatment plants and office buildings.

University of Free State, student residence

Design and implementation of a 5kWp PV solar with battery backup+ 18 kW thermal solar.

Demand Side Management - Solar Water Heating programme (2016-2017)

In partnership with various ESCOs, introduced solar water heating technology at various residential site in the North Western Region for energy savings.  

Greater Tzaneen Municipality EEDSM program 2016-2017

Conducted technical audit to reduce electrical energy consumption of high mast lights, street lights, traffic lights, HVAC system and water treatment and sustainability assessment. Additional requirements of the project included reporting on energy savings and associated carbon emission reduction to the DoE